Saturday, June 12


What do svelte summer girls wear?  Not much, of course;-)  And here to cover that territory (pun intended) are a new Jag & Nevie halter and tube top!!!!
Details, details:   The halter is my personal fave - I designed the pattern and made the entire thing from recycled men's t-shirts.  Did I mention it's REVERSIBLE!!  How fun and vacation worthy is that?  Pack one - wear two.  Choices are a girls best friend, bien sur.   It's beautifully finished and substantial enough you will feel exposed in only the right way!
And the tubes....
White or black stretchy cotton, fully lined, with a removable halter tie at the neck.  The appliques and tie are all recycled t-shirt fabrics.  The back also has a bouquet since I the rear view should be fascinating also.
I'm thrilled with these and am loving work with t-shirts.  I'm able to use almost two entire men's XL shirts for the halter.  (And I still use all the scraps to fill pillows so nothing is wasted.)  Now if I can finish losing 30 lbs so I can legitimately wear one of my own designs....

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