Friday, November 6

the Junior Jedi & the Fairy Pwincess

I spent the week before Halloween making Jag's Kit Fisto Jedi costume and here's the outcome...
I can't resist his little heart's desire to live out his costuming fantasies!  I mean, sheesh, you only get to be a 7-year-old Jedi once in your life, right?  George Lucas, are you there?  Jag wants to join your crew;-)  He makes radical Lego star ships too! By the gazillion.  Everyday.  All the time.
And the "Faiwy Pwincess" - what can you say?  Who doesn't want to be one?  She declared "faiwy pwincesses always have spahkles and lots of jwewlries and booooootiful cwowns and evewyday they have pink doggies and black doggies"!
And there you have it.

Now back to the regular business at hand... making more bibs & bags for the holidaze...

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