Friday, October 2

ChaChaCha - the Bag that is

Here's the first bag! I love it - it's flirty, it's kicky, it's PRACTICAL! It holds a full-sized notebook, water bottle, you name it. I made 'self a blue one with three ruffles and it rocks.
An Orange version and a Blue version will be on Etsy soon. My beloved machine croaked last week & I'm retrieving the prodigal thing tomorrow and will promptly get back to work. Yay.
What do you think?
I've also renewed my love of jewelry making. I had to update my skills and now I can be proud of them:-) I whipped up a couple of fun Halloween necklaces posted on Etsy.
I love decorating for Halloween and for some reason chic Halloween necklaces seem like a good accessory to that process. Boo!


  1. i love that bag. LOVE it!!! and the necklace. it reminds me that tiny little beadery in ann arbor. was that what it was called? the beadery? i believe it was. i loved that place.

  2. Why thank you! I'm excited about bags now. Very much.
    Ah yes! The Beadery - I think I can say that little nook kick started my obsession with beads. St. Jo. had a great one owned by a girl named Stephanie too. She taught me to make loops for earrings. the rest is history... or so they say
    And, a side note - a moron I've been: those are bracelets, not necklaces!!!!! I must have been exhausted when I posted that entry.