Friday, July 24

A new dress in the works, but until then....

Right now I'm working on a fun little sundress for girlies size 2T on up. It's a white spaghetti strap number made by a cooperative in Guatemala and I'm dolling it up - OF COURSE! - with flippy panels of wild vintage 60s prints. Friends (thanks April, Ann!) & family (merci buckets Miss!) have been so generous lately with donations of crazy fabrics. I confess I'm actually overwhelmed with a huge stack of fantastic choices. What a joyful conundrum;-)

Until I finish the sample I'll have to leave you with just this photo. It's about my favorite design so far - - -

I hear too much arguing - time to referee the monkeys....


  1. I couldn't get anything to come up for the photo? Dying to see it!!

  2. Thank you my friend! I fixed the link. Not sure what happened. It's there now;-) You're a pal for pointing it out...